Effective Video Advertising: Tips and Considerations

Video Advertising Platform includes more than just creating a terrific and eye-catching video ads online. Just like TV advertising, you have to promote your ads in front of wide-ranged target audiences that will turn them into a loyal customers. However, No matter how beautiful and well-crafted the video ads might be, if they are not seen by your target audience, your video add will be useless and ineffective. To better address the problem, leads to the upsurge of concepts like the following:

·         Online Advertising Network. In our modern world, you can effectively display your video advertisement where there is a wide spectrum of audiences. And there is no better shortcut for publicity than the online world offer. In the web-based society, users spend most of their times in surfing and browsing the net, so make use of this an advantage to connect with the right audience though advertising network. ‘Video advertising networks’ are those websites which promotes advertisement in the web. In these website, you can submit your video ads and they will do the rest of work for you. They will display your video add to various online medium to get them viewed by people who are surfing the site.

Online video advertising network is usually priced using a ‘cost per click’ model. However, the pricing might vary from one advertising network to another. While other online advertising networks provide you with details and reporting tools of your video ads reach. Example, reports tool provides detail of the amount of clicks that your ads receive, including the impressions, reach and frequency, video completion rate (how many viewers watched your video advertisement all the way from stat to end) and more. Still, it would depend on your preferred advertising network.

·         Social Media Advertisement. With the aid of online technology, many people can already watch your video advertisement across a number of mobile devices, mainly fragmented across smart phones, computers and tablets. And many people in general utilize this technology to access their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. So make use of the opportunity that the social media provide in order to make an effective campaign and video advertisement that will reach your prospective customers.

·         SEO Video Advertising. Apart from social media video advertisement ad online advertising network, another video add option that can look into is the SEO video advertising such as Yahoo or Google content network. These SEO networks provides several video advertisement options including ‘click to play’ video ads and ‘in-stream’ video ads. While several of these networks allows you the authority to upload your current/existing video ads that are to be transcoded into a various video formats that is required by many publishers.

Video advertising & internet marketing cannot be separated. This is because video advertising is an integral part of any business, thus helping you generate more sales and gain more customers. If you can successfully reach wide range of prospected customers, rest assured that you’ll increase the efficacy of your online campaign.

Tips for Creating Excellent Video Ad

Advertising products & services using video campaign for branding or product promotion is now getting more popular not just in television but also over the World Wide Web. A well-made video advertisement can develop a strong connection between you and your target audiences in an eye-catching, fun, exciting or emotional way. Video ad is also an excellent tool to deliver your intention or message directly to your target audience, thus telling them what your service/product can offer them and how can your business can help them with their problem. The execution and quality of your company’s video can positively speak volumes about what your business is all about. To create an excellent video advertising, here are some of the essential tips that you can follow:

1.       Definitive Planning. To figure out what kind of message you wanted to convey, planning for your video advertisement should suffice the following questions:

-          Is the advertisement intended to promote new products or services?

-          How does the product/service make your customer’s life better and easier?

-          How can your emphasize your business reputation?

-          What’s the catch of having your product/service?

-          How do it differ to other brands out there?

2.       Put yourself on the shoes of your customer. If you are the customer, how are going to address their needs? What qualities are you going to look for in a product or service? In making a video add, reality matters. You have to show audiences what they wanted to see for to gain their trust and turn them into a loyal customer.

3.       High Quality Visuals and Audio. Your video advertisement reflects your company and your business, so make sure to present a video ad that is comprised of quality image and audio that will retain to the mind of the audiences.

4.       Select a setting that is fit for the nature of your business. If you are advertising about your food business, of course you are going to showcase the foods and special service that you are offering. Or if you are specializing in car manufacturing, you may opt to show various car models that are of top quality and features. The setting largely affect the message that you want to deliver to your target audiences, so make a wise choice and create a unique setting that is far different from other video advertisement.

5.       Must incorporate a strong CTA (call to action). An excellent Video Ads Platform must have a strong ‘call to action’ that will draw your audience to trust your business. Give customers the reason to choose your business by clicking though your video ad. You may also consider having a special landing page which specifically corresponds to the message in your video advertisement. And from this, visitors or prospective customers can easily explore the rest of your business site.

If you want to get the worth of your video campaign, the following are just few of the many tips that you can follow.